World of Tanks Blitz – Enter A New Battlefield With Update 2.7

Here comes a new update and World of Tanks Blitz has become quite a rich game with all the new content it gets each time its updated. So what does update 2.7 bring along with it? In general, it adds a new map, clan supply bonuses, and balances. Looking at the details, the new map, Mirage, is a North African-inspired map and introduces a gorgeous ocean view. It is the ideal combination of beach, desert, and oasis. With extreme dunes that make you less vulnerable from long ranged attacks, you will find yourself in much more close ranged battles.

In addition to V-VII clan supply levels, more has been added in terms of consumables, slot purchases, discounts, and low priced vehicles that are below Tier VII. Furthermore, Lost Temple is empowered by enhanced lighting and improved design which makes it much more appealing than before. Spawn areas on Desert Sands for medium tanks have been improved and the Copperfield map is now accessible to Tier II-V. As for balances, Tier II tanks have changed their dispersion parameters during and after fire and while the gun is damaged.

Finally, you can get two days of Premium starting March 12th at 08:00 Pacific Time and all you need to do is simply play one match. It doesn’t matter what your match result is, you will still receive the bonus immediately after the match. If you want the full details on update 2.7, then click here to visit the official website for World of Tanks Blitz. Thanks to WoT Blitz Replays, you can watch a preview of the new map below.

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