Paper Wizard: A Papercraft Action RPG – Out Now

Now here is a unique game that is worth mentioning. Let’s start with a question, when was the last time you played a papercraft game on your mobile devices? Hard to remember, right? Basically, papercraft games consist of characters made up of thin paper models which look very unique. Papering Studio has released a papercraft game by the name of Paper Wizard [Free]. The game is a dual stick shooter and the developers happen to be big fans of Diablo & Solomon’s Keep, so you can expect elements from these games to be included.

The game is an RPG with 3 classes available: Fire, Ice, & Lightning. Almost sounds like Pokemon characters in terms of class types. In terms of graphics, it looks appealing especially with the paper modeled characters. You will have the chance to explore 4 cool dungeons: Cave, Catacomb, Sewer, & Tomb. The interesting title takes place in the land of Booktopia (of course it would be called that) where there is a struggle between good and evil on the rise. You can check the trailer for this game below.

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