Modern Combat 5: Blackout – The Spring Update Is Out Now

It has been a while since Modern Combat 5: Blackout [Free] was updated but today is the day. Apparently, Gameloft was working hard on the recently released update that introduces a lot of features and fixes others. We have always appreciated the great work that the company has been doing for the mobile gaming community and we are grateful to see them support the successful FPS game with another new update. This one touches on Matchmaking, Weapon Upgrades, End-of-match Rewards, and Upgrade Parts.

In terms of Matchmaking, the new update brings an improved system where players will be matched based on their multiplayer rating, so you can expect a more balanced match with an opponent similar to your level facing you. As for Weapon Upgrades, Gameloft has now added a new weapon stat called Armor Penetration, in order to counter for Armor Defense. The higher the tier of the weapon, the more it can be upgraded.

Furthermore, since upgrades require multiple parts, Gameloft has increased the possibility of you receiving decent rewards at the end of every multiplayer match. This includes an increased chance to get combat, elite packs, and credits. Keep in mind that the better you perform in a match, the more valuable your rewards will be.

Moreover, the upgrade system has been redefined to prepare a weapon for an upgrade, instead of unlocking weapons. This means that you have to collect a number of blueprints in order to unlock a weapon, and blueprints will be weapon specific. Once you do unlock a weapon, you can upgrade it by acquiring weapon score. If you wish to max the weapon score meter quickly, you can use Mastery kits. Lastly, once a weapon score meter is maxed, you can upgrade it with weapon parts and mod kits.

Finally, existing loadouts and unlocked weapons will not be lost, so don’t worry. It sure seems like Gameloft has revamped the customization system from the roots. We are happy to see that the game is being updated and a deeper system introduced, but we were concerned about whether this will require players to spend more on in-app purchases. The new update offers a system that appears to require less spending on behalf of the players, especially due to the fact that Gameloft has increased the chances for packs and rewards. An amazing feature added is that now you can record Modern Combat 5 gameplays with Replaykit and this is actually a major development in the long-time FPS series. Additionally, now iPhone 6s users can experience a friendlier control system with 3D Touch support. Stay tuned with our website for the latest Modern Combat news.

One thought on “Modern Combat 5: Blackout – The Spring Update Is Out Now

  1. I enjoy this game much but only one thing disappointing me, ive been buying lots of chest just wanting to have those mod thing but there’s always none of that on the chest! Even on match I never get one, not even basic mod! So why make it so hard to get one?! You’re just disappointing us.


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