The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land – Embrace The New PVP Features

Having been introduced as an official The Walking Dead game by AMC & Next Games, we expect nothing less than to see The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land [Free] receive new content to keep up with the new season. It was, after all, originally released to hype up the fans of the series for Season 6, yet fans seem to dig the game, and now more than ever. Just recently, a new PVP update was released and players are very excited about it.

With the new PVP mode, Outposts; now you can raid & attack other players’ outposts and defend yours against other attackers with creative tactics. This is the heart of what the new PVP features introduce. For example, you can use a horde of starving walkers to act as your line of defense against your invaders. Additionally, with the new Player Hub feature, you can discover what new events are available, all the recent update news, track your progress with the battle log, and learn about giveaways.

Finally, you can play through new memorable locations that have appeared on Season 6. Furthermore, guild leaders will be able to leave and promote other players to the leadership role. Also, you can now fast forward through all the cutaway cameras. If all these features haven’t attracted you to the game yet, then you should check the game out of curiosity for Season 6 of The Walking Dead. You can check the trailer for this game below.

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