Genesis of Destiny: A Stand Against The Gods – Coming Soon

Now is the period where countless developers present their games at the Global Developers Conference which is taking place in San Francisco, California. We have observed plenty of games but one that really caught our attention was called Genesis of Destiny. The MMORPG that’s being developed by NetEase combines Greek mythology and scientific development to bring about an immersive story that pits humans against the gods.

NetEase is one of the biggest developers and publishers in China and Genesis of Destiny will be their first game to support virtual reality. It will be an interesting experience to play as a chosen guardian that stands against the gods in order to protect the human race. In the game, you can select your own occupation and learn the skills of your choice. Amazing online features such as PVE & real-time PVP will be available, so an addicting experience is to be expected.

The online experience will allow you to combat other players on any map, while you can trade with them as well. In regards to virtual reality, there will be a demo launching soon but if you wish to experience the VR feature then you will need to purchase VR glasses. Genesis of Destiny is certainly a high quality game considering that over 50 game designers & engineers have been working on it for more than a year. It is expected to launch worldwide this year and we will keep you updated about it on our website.

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