Disney Magic Kingdoms: A World Of Disney Icons – Out Now

Last August, Disney & Gameloft announced the interesting title Disney Magic Kingdoms, a game that allows you to build your own Disney theme park that mirrors real-life Disney parks around the world. Today it has been released worldwide and is available for you to grab for free! You will be able to include attraction rides such as Astro Orbiters, Mickey’s Fun Wheel, & Monster’s Inc. It certainly did get a lot of attention since its announcement because the city-building genre has been performing phenomenally well, especially on mobile.

You start with a vast space and a castle. Then you get to add all the fascinating Disney rides like Haunted Mansion, Tomorrowland, Space Mountain, and California Screamin’. In addition, a story will be present and many Disney characters such as Donald Duck, Buzz Lightyear, Cinderella, and Mickey Mouse face the Disney villains such as Emperor Zurg and Maleficient.

If you have already pre-registered for this game at Gameloft’s website, then you can expect to unlock exclusive rewards when you launch the game. Disney characters are loved by everyone, whether young or old, and if you wish to restore a piece of childhood, then check out Disney Magic Kingdoms as soon as possible. You can check out the new teaser trailer for this game below.

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