Clash of Clans – A Sneak Peek Into The March Update

March seems to be full of surprises and Supercell decided to jump on the surprise wagon as well. Clash of Clans is expected to get a new major update that will introduce some features and fix others.Following constant complaints against the Town Hall 11 update and the difficulty of 3-starring Town Hall 11, the company has been trying to introduce one update after another in order to satisfy the players.

In regards to new defenses, there will be a new level 9 mortar and a level 4 inferno tower coming, which can be unlocked at Town Hall 11 only. In addition, it is very likely to see level 7 dark barracks, suggesting that there will be a new character to unlock. It’s still unclear which character that would be but we will inform you once we learn more. However, we do expect this mystery character to act as a counter measure against leveled up inferno towers.

The upcoming update will also implement several balances. The skeletons that the witches control will not trigger traps anymore. In addition, level 6 goblins will be unlocked at Town Hall 9 instead of Town Hall 10. There is a new Builder Summary feature coming that allows you to check in-progress construction by tapping on the builder icon. In addition, there will be life improvements to different troops, which should redefine how players strategize in the game post-update.

Furthermore, there’s a lot of balances and changes that will change a lot about the game. The Grand Warden life aura and Eternal Tome range will be slightly decreased. Town Hall 9 Skeletons & above will see reduced hitpoints as well in order to strengthen the Archer Towers. Moreover, X-Bow levels 2 to 4 will experience lower damage rate than before.

On the other hand, the Town Hall 8 Valkyrie is expected to get damage boost and decrease in hitpoints. Attack speed for the Valkyrie is expected to increased upon reaching target. As for Wizard Tower levels 5 to 9, hitpoints are expected to increase. All Dark Spells from Town Hall 5 and above will have decreased brewing time, down to 10 minutes while all Elixir Spells brewing time will decrease down to 20 minutes. On top of that, the battle time limit is expected to be reduced to 3 minutes per attack. The March update is likely to be available within a week or more, so fasten your seat belts because it might hit you any time now! You can watch Galadon Gaming discuss the March update below.

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