Final Fantasy XI – A Mobile MMORPG By Square Enix & Nexon

We can sense how cheerful you become every time you see a Final Fantasy game on our website. We don’t blame you, it is a brilliant franchise that offers some of the best RPG titles to be found on mobile. Today, we want to talk about Final Fantasy XI, an MMORPG that was originally released in 2002 for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 2. Square Enix & Nexon are working on bringing this game to iOS & Android and we believe it will be first released this year in Japan & South Korea, and then worldwide. To clear any confusion, this is a different game from Final Fantasy Grandmasters which is a Final Fantasy XI spin-off.

The mobile version of the game will have a better battle system that is much smoother and re-designed for the mobile touchscreen. Since the game is online, it will have a better cooperative system which easily brings players together on a mobile device. You will have a vast world for you to explore and meet other players. Whether you wish to trade, talk, or join forces with your friends; the options are endless. Additionally, guilds and Linkshell means of communication will be available to create an entertaining online experience and a thriving community for the players.

In terms of solo play, the game will be designed with an easier difficulty than the original due to it being mobile. Several reports suggest that Square Enix has developed a native mobile client in order to bring a new era of MMMRPG or Massively Multiplayer Mobile RPG. Final Fantasy XI is set in the world of Vana’diel, a huge world with diverse climates. According to ancient lore, the world of Vana’diel was created as a playground for divine beings. It all sounds fascinating and if you want the latest news on the Final Fantasy franchise, then stay tuned with our website. You can watch the Final Fantasy XI promotional trailer below.

8 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XI – A Mobile MMORPG By Square Enix & Nexon

  1. Has there been any recent word on expected release? Seems like they made an announcement a year ago and have been quiet since. I am really anticipating this one.


    • When i stopped playing this game years ago it wasnt by choice, i felt like i lost my girlfriend practly lol.. that was years ago and i still remineniss moments playing this game. I cant wait to see its mobile version and hope its at least close to the original 75 cap game. I never played the 99 cap


  2. Oh please make this so I can at least use some of the work I did on the pc version of use. If they do that I really would consider playing it again otherwise I doubt many will start over again and stick with it otherwise


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