Clash of Clans – The March Update Is Out Now

After a long wait, the March update is out now! You can go update your Clash of Clans right now because this time, there’s a lot of new content to experiment with. Let’s tell you briefly what this new update includes. There is a new level 9 mortar and a level 4 inferno tower, which can be unlocked at Town Hall 11 only. In addition, level 7 dark barracks are now available.

There is a new unit called the Bowler, a Dark Troop available at Town Hall 11 and is the anticipated mystery unit we have been waiting for. He attacks Ground targets and performs Area Splash damage. With heavy boulders as his primary weapon, he bowls a boulder to target two defenses at the same damage rate. Strangely, his boulder bounces off from one structure to another, so he must be one professional bowler, huh? If he is within safe range, he should be quite dangerous and will push players to relocate their defenses.

His stats include a DPS of 85 and 380 Hit Points. You will need 170 Dark Elixir to train this unit. The Bowler has proved to be devastating when placed against strong Ground troops such as the Witch, the Wizard, and Skeletons. Although, he can be easily taken down by the Dragon since he cannot target Air troops. Furthermore, we have learned that Poisons will not be very useful as before due to the change that occurred. If troops are not engaged in combat, then they will walk outside the poison range.

On the good side, there are three new troop levels for Town Hall 10 now! They are the Level 6 Hog Rider, the Level 6 Goblins, & the Level 5 Valkyries. The Valkyries have less health but more damage & attack speed now. Also, there are several balances and changes. The skeletons that the witches control will not trigger traps anymore. In addition, level 6 goblins can be unlocked at Town Hall 9 instead of Town Hall 10. There is a new Builder Summary feature available that allows you to check in-progress construction by tapping on the builder icon.

The Grand Warden life aura and Eternal Tome range have slightly decreased. Town Hall 9 Skeletons & above have reduced hitpoints as well in order to strengthen the Archer Towers. Moreover, X-Bow levels 2 to 4 will now experience lower damage rate than before. As for Wizard Tower levels 5 to 9, hitpoints are expected to increase. All Dark Spells from Town Hall 5 and above will have decreased brewing time, down to 10 minutes while all Elixir Spells brewing time will decrease down to 20 minutes. On top of that, the battle time limit is expected to be reduced to 3 minutes per attack. This is the summary for the Clash of Clans‘ March update and it looks like players will need to put more thought into their defense strategy due to the new changes introduced. You can watch videos about the March update below.

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