Marvel Future Fight – The Black Order Enters The Game

With its latest update (2.0.0), Marvel Future Fight [Free] introduces three new characters from The Black Order. This should excite many Marvel fans that have been waiting to see such a debut. The characters that were added are Proxima Midnight, Black Dwarf, and Corvus Glaive. The Black Order serves under Thanos, one of the darkest villains in the Marvel universe.

Furthermore, there is a new world boss raid content which features the new Black Order characters as bosses, new themed stages, and enhanced team contests. The PVE missions will put you in intense battles against the Black Order bosses. There is also a real-time battle system added to the Timeline Battle which will allow you to experience a more strategic gameplay.

Additionally, there are 3 new uniforms added for Destroyer, Hulkbuster, and Elsa Bloodstone. New skills accompany the characters with their new uniforms, so this should be exciting. Finally, the Marvel Comic Cover Collection has been revamped as a Card System. What do you think about this update? We absolutely love the new characters because it adds a darker theme to the game. You can check the trailer for The Black Order below.

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