Final Fantasy XI – The Five Races Of Vana’diel

Millions of people are anticipating Final Fantasy XI to come to the mobile platform this year. To live up to the expectations of this vast Final Fantasy community, we will keep the discussion about the upcoming game alive by delving into its world. As you may know, Vana’diel consists of five playable races and today we want focus our discussion on these fascinating inhabitants of Vana’diel.

Vana’diel is an extremely diverse world and according to lore, it was designed by the gods themselves. Three of its major continents are Aradjiah, Mindartia, & Quon. We will discuss the geography of Vana’diel in more details in upcoming articles. In this great world live the Humes, the Elvaan, the Tarutaru, the Mithra, & the Galka. Each race has different qualities that make them unique. The five races were cursed by Promathia, God of Twilight, to be in eternal conflict by empowering their darkest attributes.

The Humes are well known for their balanced abilities and moderate intelligence but were cursed with the sin of Apathy. Their city is known as the Republic of Bastok which is built in the wastes of Gustaberg. As an adaptable race, they managed to survive in various environments, thus making them the most populated race among the races.

The Elvaan are a proud race that are raised to become strong warriors whether male or female, but have been cursed with the sin of Arrogance. The Elvaan are characterized by their pointed ears, tall stature, & slender bodies. They live in the Kingdom of San d’Oria, a place full of religious believers due to the Elvaan’s strong religious background. Although they have great strength, their intelligence is not the best of their qualities.

The Tarutaru are magical race that inhabit the Federation of Windurst and have been cursed with the sin of Cowardice. Although smallest of the races in stature, their art of magic remains unchallenged. They possess extremely high intelligence and are a race that loves knowledge.

The Mithra race is a cat-like race of hunters that’s predominantly female and have been cursed with the sin of Envy. Due to their gender imbalance, women only are allowed to venture in the dangerous world of Vana’diel. With high agility & dexterity, their hunting skills is the best among the races. Originally from Gha Naboh, they also have a friendly relationship with the Tarutaru because they live alongside them.

The Galka are a giant & powerful race of warriors that have been cursed with the sin of Rage. Although their home city Altepa was destroyed by the Anticans centuries ago, they survived through Vana’diel as refugees. Most of them have settled in the Republic of Bastok alongside the Humes but are treated as second citizens. Interestingly, the Galkan people are all males and they reproduce through reincarnation. They possess a very high vitality & health rate, but very low magic points.

Finally, we see that each race has its own unique abilities and weaknesses. The world of Vana’diel is definitely an interesting place to explore and we can’t wait to see Final Fantasy XI come to the mobile platform. Which race would you choose in Final Fantasy XI? You can choose your race in the poll below.


3 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XI – The Five Races Of Vana’diel

  1. Knowing squares track record paired with no news on the mobile release in over a year, I would not be surprised if this game is no longer happening.


    • Unfortunately, I have to agree. It has been over a year since they made the public announcement and there is still no news at all, neither on Nexon/Nexon Mobile nor FFXI official websites. I have also asked on FFXI official forums but couldn’t get any reply from a community rep. I am utterly disappointed. I have been playing since 2004 and for being a customer for the last 12 years, I believe I deserve to have news about this game. But I guess they don’t care about the fans at all. At this point, I won’t be surprised if they announce the game is canceled. They didn’t even release a piece of concept art or teaser. They said the game would be released in 2016. Almost 4 months have passed, still nothing.


      • Sometimes gaming companies take a long time to release information on their game. But based on our experience, we still think its early for them to reveal anything so there is still hope for it. Of course, we will be in touch with them and try to get news about it if possible. We will keep you informed on any news regarding FFXI. Thank you.


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