Pokemon GO – Niantic Reveals More Information & Screenshots

Pokemon GO is the most anticipated game of 2016, and of this we are most certain. New details have come out as Niantic was willing to share more about their augmented reality game. Some of the information that the company shared confirms previous details we wrote about. For example, they confirmed that the game will be location-based, meaning that a Pokemon can be found based on its type. Water Pokemon such as Magikarp can be found in aquatic areas.

By turning your notification on, the phone will vibrate to inform you that a Pokemon is nearby in order for you to catch it. Interestingly, you can obtain Pokeballs from PokeStops, which are also located in specific areas across the world. These areas are most likely to be centric or well known areas such as historical places. PokeStops will sell several things such as potion and Pokemon eggs which contain different types of Pokemon and can be hatched by walking a specific distance.

Evolution is also part of the game and your Pokemon will evolve once they gain enough experience. There will be 3 main teams which you can join in order to engage in Gym Battles. Gyms will be virtual, of course, and located in specific areas across the globe. After beating other players in a gym, you get to claim this particular gym and other players will need to beat you in order to claim it too. Although Niantic did not share more details on the process, we believe that each player will have to challenge AI versions of the person that claimed the gym.

It is no secret that there will be a companion accessory called Pokemon GO Plus which vibrates and glows in order to notify players of nearby Pokemon & other updates. It also has additional features that can allow you to catch Pokemon. It is not a requirement but it can be very helpful when playing Pokemon GO. We can expect the game to have an early release in Japan first and then launch worldwide. We have a theory that might shed light on the game’s release date which we will discuss at a later time. For now, limited Japanese players are being selected to test the game & this is a strong indication that Japan will be the first country to receive Pokemon GO. Stay tuned with our website for more information and speculation on this game. You can watch the leaked Pokemon GO gameplay below.


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