Vainglory’s Next Hero – Alpha, The Ruthless Terminator

We get really excited when a new hero in Vainglory is announced because we love to share with you our thoughts about him or her. Today we will discuss the new hero and also talk about start of the Spring Season for Vainglory. The new hero is named Alpha and will be released in the next update (1.16). According to lore, this cyber-hero was created by the Queen’s order for the sole reason of destroying the Stormguard such as Catherine and Kestrel, whom the Queen deemed to be betrayers.

Lacking mortal weakness or fear, Alpha specializes in hunting enemies in the Jungle. Leaked images reveal Alpha to be a very powerful hero but Super Evil Megacorp has not confirmed the leaked abilities. Regardless, we will share with you her abilities just to give you an idea of what she might be capable of:

  • Infinite Reboot – Rather than dying, Alpha reboots herself and gains 200 – 1750 reserve health (depending on her level). Alpha can be attacked for the next seconds  and if her reserve health is not destroyed, she will reboot to sufficient health in the same location.
  • Prime Directive – This ability allows Alpha to scan for enemies within the target path. If an enemy is detected, then the target will be slowed and Alpha immediately dashes behind the enemy to deal damage to all enemies within 4.5 meters.
  • Core Charge – Alpha dashes forward to land a basic attack on an enemy target while fracturing the ground for additional crystal damage. With every time this ability is used, Alpha loses 10% of her current health but gains Core Overload for 5.5 seconds, stacking to 3 times. In addition, basic attacks reduce the cooldown of Core Charge by 1 second. As for Core Overload, Alpha loses 1% of her current health every second while increasing the damage of her following Core Charges & allows her basic attacks to heal her.
  • Termination Protocol – When activated, Alpha begins a self-destruct countdown. First, she gains a burst of move speed along with 400 – 1000 barrier (depending her level). Then, she quickly loses move speed as her Halcyon core reaches critical mass. Following 3 seconds or after her barrier is breached, Alpha self-detonates. The explosion deals heavy crystal damage to all enemies within the range of 4.5 meters but also eliminates Alpha. This ability can only be activated while Infinite Reboot ability is available.

According to these abilities, Alpha is definitely a lethal hero and going against her can be quite troubling. We will confirm whether these abilities are accurate when we learn more from Super Evil Megacorp but for now we have these leaks to base our understanding of Alpha.

Furthermore, Super Evil Megacorp is celebrating the start of the Spring Season with 2 weeks of fantastic activities, dubbed the Halcyon Days. On Day 1 which started March 23rd, is a double guild fame which means that all matches played with guildmates result in double Fame and this will last until the Spring Season begins. On Day 2, there will be a Twitter Q & A which you can learn more about by clicking here. Day 3 will be one of the most exciting of the days because Super Evil Megacorp will reveal Alpha on stream! Also on Day 3, Battle Royale mode will be introduced and this mode is designed for players with little time, so matches will be much shorter.

Day 4 will include the Final Taka Card Event before it disappears from the in-game Market. Day 5 will allow you to get bonus Glory when you queue. Day 6 will bring about the Crazy 8 Cards Event where you can win rare cards. And Day 7 will give us more details on the upcoming update in full details, so that would be on March 30th. The update should be hitting on March 31st where Alpha will be available to check out through ICE first. Moreover, we expect to see a new gorgeous Spring Map along with the update, so farewell Winter! Double Guild Fame will continue throughout week 2 of the Halcyon Days and rewards can be earned throughout the week. Click here to learn more about the Halcyon Days and stay tuned with our website for the latest updates on Vainglory.

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