Afterpulse – Update 1.4 Brings A New Map, New Weapons, New Mode & More!

It has been quite a while since we heard of a major update for Afterpulse [Free]. Within a short period of time it has become of the best third person shooter games on mobile, thanks to its visual superiority and fun gameplay. Very recently, Gamevil has released update 1.4.1 which expanded the game on a large scale. It added a new custom play feature, a new mode called Back To Back, new weapons, a new map called Razed Fort, and exclusive content.

Now you can create your own custom matches with customizable settings. You can easily play with your friends by adding passwords to your custom matches. 8 players are able to join a custom match which is absolutely great. The interesting thing is that you can add bots to fill in for empty slots. Furthermore, the new Back To Back game mode allows you to join along with a teammate to battle against 3 more duo teams. So this means its 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2. Definitely sounds interesting.

Of course, new weapons have been added with the new update. There are two new Sub-Machine Guns called the IZU-G & the LSM-7. In addition, a new long-range secondary Shotgun has been added, named the Hydra 860. Also, a new handgun, MFX 9, has been introduced to the game. Like other weaponry, you are able to power them up or evolve them.

One of the best features added to Afterpulse is the new map, Razed Fort. The new map introduces a desert environment which features Metal Rendering capabilities for rich lighting and realistic sand effects. The map has a destroyed city which can put your vigilance to the test. Enemies can come at you from right, left, up, or down; this is truly a map that can be exciting to play on, especially on a competitive level. Just look at the gorgeous images of the map and judge for yourself.

Finally, Gamevil has added exclusive Saint Patrick’s Day content such as seasonal crates that add three new Shamrock Series Assault & LMG weapons. This is a truly exciting update and we can’t wait to test the new Back To Back mode because the idea of having 4 teams of two players going against each other is thrilling. You can watch the new map’s overview video below.

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