Final Fantasy Record Keeper – Celebrating The Game’s First Anniversary

Final Fantasy Record Keeper [Free] has received new content in celebration for its first anniversary since its worldwide launch. DeNA & Square Enix are also offering rewards as well. The interesting thing about this game is that it allows you to enjoy the most epic moments of the Final Fantasy franchise. It takes your favorite characters and memorable moments to bring about a whole new story for you to experience.

In a kingdom that is built on magic and art, the records of past glory has been upholding the peace & prosperity of all civilization. These records were sealed inside paintings to protect them from any external intervention. But one day, the records begin to fade away and the world falls into darkness. The time comes for a new hero to arise and make a stand to save the kingdom and its people.

Now, let’s discuss what DeNA & Square Enix are offering & what Final Fantasy Record Keeper received for its first anniversary. There are rewards to be given to any player that logs into the game before April 24th 5:00 AM PDT. The rewards include 50 Mythril, the Orthros summon ability, & the Celebration Blade. In addition, the game has received the Nightmare dungeons. Ultima Record, the first dungeon, will be available until April 4th, 5:00 AM PDT. You can watch the 1st Anniversary video for this game below.

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