Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods – Meet N’Zoth The Corruptor

As you well know, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is getting cards based on the Whispers of the Old Gods Expansion and we talked about it in details in a previous article which you can read by clicking here. Today, we want to tell you about an Old God that will be available in the upcoming expansion. N’Zoth the Corruptor is a terrible creature that whispers from the depths of the oceans. This creature is a mystery to many on Azeroth to the extent that his name is not even known.

According to lore, this Old God has been imprisoned in the depth of the ocean for thousands of years. Its only desire is to corrupt the noble and pure into its own strange ways. Not much is known about N’Zoth and much mystery surrounds its intentions, but what is certain is that its cunningness knows no bound. It is believed that N’Zoth was behind corrupting Azeroth’s most powerful dragons.

N’Zoth’s Battlecry can ”Summon your deathrattle minions that died this game.” It appears that this Old God can raise the silenced deathrattle minions that were not buffed with Deathrattle or transformed. Furthermore, the Undercity Huckster is a character that serves under N’Zoth. Previously known for his honesty and integrity, he was twisted by N’Zoth into the path of evil. The Undercity Huckster has been known to steal other people’s best tricks and then sell them once the price has increased.

We are really excited to see more of Hearthstone’s Old Gods and you can stay tuned with our website to receive the most interesting of Hearthstone‘s news. What do you think of N’Zoth? We see N’Zoth as a megalomaniac that is most definitely a very powerful card, that when used strategically, is able to make any match more interesting. The Expansion is expected to be released around late April or early May. If you are interested in N’Zoth, you can watch the N’Zoth lore video below.

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