The Walking Dead: Michonne – Episode 2 (Give No Shelter) Gets New Trailer

We know you are passionately waiting for Episode Two (Give No Shelter) of The Walking Dead: Michonne. One day from now, you will be able to get access to the new episode, but for now you can watch the new amazing trailer for Episode Two at the bottom of this page. The whole mini-series consists of 3 episodes at the price of $14.99, which means each episode is worth $4.99 separately, unless you buy the Multi-Pack for $7.99 to get Episodes 2 & 3 at a cheaper price.

If you haven’t played Episode One yet, then do grab it from the App Store because it is definitely one of the finest The Walking Dead games you will experience. It begins with portraying Michonne’s struggle and the events that led to the shaping of her personality. It successfully manages to make you feel the pain she endures and the hardship that she has to overcome. With plenty of character building, interesting plot, impeccable jump scares, and beautiful graphics; Episode One made a successful introduction to Michonne’s persona.

Luckily, we get to see the next episode, Give No Shelter, on March 29th for all platforms. The final episode, What We Deserve, should be available for download in April. Give No Shelter continues the story where Episode One left off. It will cover the events taking place on the floating colony of Monroe where Michonne and her crew will have to face new daunting horrors. Make sure to watch the new trailer for Episode 2 of The Walking Dead: Michonne below.

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