Critical Ops – The Bureau Map Will Be Released Soon!

With Critical Ops becoming viral among the FPS community, things have just started to become interesting. If you remember, we announced an Airport Map called Grounded back in February and it looked amazing. Interestingly, there is yet another new map called Bureau that has also been announced. We expect the Bureau Map to be released before Grounded.

Moreover, there is a big update coming to Critical Ops and we will have more details on it very soon but for now we want to focus on the Bureau Map. The Bureau Map definitely looks like a huge map that is best fit for 20 players. With an Intelligence Agency Infrastructure, the new map has a complex that will make it challenging for Terrorists to plant the bomb and strenuous for Counter Terrorists to protect the planting sites. We definitely love the vivid colors presented in the map and we strongly believe that it will be one of the most favourable map among competitive players.

The game will be getting a Network Update very soon. We will also see the game soft launch on iOS this April, so there are a lot of things happening for Critical Ops. In addition, Critical Force Entertainment has released a new trailer on their Facebook Page which reveals more details about the upcoming map. The fan-made trailer looks fascinating and we want to thank Rooghz for putting his time into creating it.

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