Pokemon GO – Field Testing Has Begun In Japan!

The world is going crazy over Pokemon GO and now for the first time, testers in Japan received access to this augmented reality masterpiece. This will be the biggest game of its kind and it is meant to be played outside where you can have a global adventure in search of different types of Pokemon and challenging the best players out there. It definitely sounds like a dream come true, but we are about to learn more since it is going to be officially tested in Japan now. The Beta has only the first generation of Pokemon and this will be the case when the game launches, but more generations will be introduced in time.

It seems that Niantic & The Pokemon Company are very confident about Pokemon GO, especially that they are giving access to Japanese players to test the game. This means that the game is almost ready to be released. We do believe that it will soft launch in Japan in April rather than being globally released. It would be the right decision since they can get more feedback from a larger sample of players and fix any bugs reported before releasing it to the world. We will inform you on the global release date when we learn more from Niantic.

Pokemon GO will be a Free-to-play game so we can expect in-app purchases to be part of the formula. Some of the information that was leaked by testers has already been discussed by us which you can read by clicking here. However, we did get access to new leaked images that we have made available to you. Apparently, Niantic has banned the players that leaked these images so we would advise against leaking anything if you are a Pokemon GO tester. We are very close to learning much more about the game since numerous players have been privileged to test it. It is our goal to cover all the news related to Pokemon GO in details, and if you want to be updated then stay tuned with our website. You can learn more about what the Data-Mine from Pokemon GO Beta reveals from the video below

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