Square Path – A Challenging Game That Boosts Your Mental Focus

Before we discuss Square Path [Free], we want to be straightforward with you. In partnership with Cappuccino Games, our network has managed to bring about a unique and addicting experience to the mobile platform. Square Path has been designed to improve the player’s mental focus and attention by incorporating a fast-paced gameplay into the formula. We truly believe that it is one of the most challenging mobile games you can experience.

The endless challenge that Square Path puts before you can be quite addicting because you will have the urge of wanting to perform better. It can be fun to challenge your friends in this game and get a higher score than theirs. You can attempt to rise in the leaderboard and prove that you are the best when it comes to hardcore challenging games. To play the game, you have to stop your circle at the exact location within a quadrilateral matrix. You have to tap the screen instantly each time the circles are aligned. Speed, size, and location will change and that’s the challenging essence of this mobile game.

Even though Square Path is a free game, it has in-app purchases where you can unlock different themes, which can also be achieved by obtaining high scores. When you launch the game, you will discover that the default theme is a Darkest Nation theme. Although there are advertisements in the game, you can remove them by purchasing the No-Ads Package for $0.99. You can still play the game for free if advertisements do not bother you, and advertisements may not show up if you play it while being offline. Finally, this simple game may not be the action-packed title that you might be looking for, but it definitely brings a new experience to hardcore gamers. If you think of your mind as a muscle, then Square Path is your gym where mental focus & attention are meant to be exercised.

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