Justice Monsters Five – A Final Fantasy XV Spin-Off

Just recently, Square Enix has held a Final Fantasy XV Event to discuss everything about the much anticipated game. Previously known to fans as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, it is expected to come to several platforms, such as PlayStation 4, in late 2016. In the event, Square Enix announced a companion minigame called Justice Monsters Five. This game is a pinball game that will be released this year for iOS & Android.

Justice Monsters Five is not an entirely separate game from Final Fantasy XV and in fact builds upon its world. It is the closest we can get to Final Fantasy XV on the mobile platform. Heroes such as Noctis, from Final Fantasy XV, will be featured in Just Monsters Five and will fight against the diabolical Lord Vexxos. It will be released as a free game with in-app purchases. You can expect the mobile spin-off to be out before September 30th. If you are on an Android device, then you can pre-register by clicking here. Don’t forget to watch the announcement trailer for this game below.

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