Modern Combat 6: Of Things To Come – Coming 2016

We write to you today with great confidence. In 2015, we compiled all the information we had and shared with you our thoughts and predictions about Modern Combat 6. Today we can confirm that our prediction was true and want to build upon our last article to let you in on more. Recently, there was an official Gameloft document that was ”leaked” if you may, and many were questioning its legitimacy and meaning. This document included all the Gameloft games that will be coming in the future. We have seen the document but refused to share its content because we didn’t want to do it without Gameloft’s approval. After discussing this with our contact at Gameloft, we have been given the green light to use the content of the document but with extreme care.

The document was basically a presentation that Gameloft has delivered to its partners and investors in London on March 22nd. After analyzing its content, we found that one of the upcoming games is called Modern Combat Versus, also known as Modern Combat 6. The document also included phenomenal images of the upcoming Modern Combat game which we have provided on this page.

We expect the game to be released in the 4th quarter of 2016, but this may change to the 1st quarter of 2017 due to unpredictable delays that might occur. The date on the document gives us an idea on when it will be released but it does not guarantee that it will be released on the date mentioned. Although the game is named Modern Combat Versus in the document, this title may change as the game comes closer to release.

Based on the latest news from Gameloft, Modern Combat 6 will be released as a Free-to-play game. In a recent tweet, Gameloft announced that they have abandoned the Premium pricing model. Although you can get it for free, you should expect advertising to be a part of the game mechanics.

In the next instalment of the series, there will be extremely large maps with complex locations & natural scenery such as having maps next to the sea or in a construction site. Of course, we can expect far superior graphics than Modern Combat 5 since technology is improving and extremely powerful devices are being introduced. The next game’s mechanics can be expected to be fairly similar to the 5th instalment with standard improvements. In addition, we strongly believe that Gameloft is working on designing some of their competitive games to become eSports friendly; this can be argued for the upcoming Modern Combat 6.

We have great faith in the notion that the Modern Combat series will not die out because it is a primary source of income for the company and what Gameloft is focusing on most is brand building. This means that we can expect many more Modern Combat games because it has become a brand that millions of players anticipate and play. Modern Combat 5 has been listed on Gameloft’s Competitive Advantage section which includes titles that have garnered millions of fans throughout the years and have performed substantially well in the market.

Now we can all celebrate since we have more facts to support the coming of Modern Combat 6. We have much more to tell you about this upcoming FPS game and other Gameloft games, so stay tuned with our website to stay updated with the latest news. We want to thank Gameloft for keeping the Modern Combat franchise alive because it has been a fundamental series for the FPS community on mobile.

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