Miitomo: Nintendo’s First Mobile Game – Now Worldwide

Since Japan has exclusively welcomed Miitomo‘s debut first, the world can now enjoy it as well because Miitomo [Free] has just launched worldwide! It has been one of the most anticipated games of 2016 considering that this new title is Nintendo’s first impression on the mobile gaming community. Miitomo is, indeed, an interesting game and there is more to it than what you might think. Let us start by reminding you what Miitomo is all about.

In the game, you will be able to create and customize Mii avatars that look like you via camera and communicate with Mii avatars that belong to other players. While it’s considered as a Free-to-start app, several features such as character add-ons will be available through In-app purchases. It is best compared to Nintendo’s Tomodachi Life which is a life simulation handheld video game where you watch over Mii characters and interact in their lives.

Make no mistake, Nintendo is one of the most experienced companies in history considering that it has 127 year of experience in the gaming arena. Nintendo designed Miitomo to act as a new means of connecting with your friends. Your Mii character will interact with your friend’s character and will ask each other questions to inform you more about your friend. In addition, you can create Miifotos that include your characters along with friends in an amazing background with unique final touches.

Finally, there is a companion app called My Nintendo which acts as a reward system for Nintendo games. As you play Miitomo you can earn points which can be exchanged on My Nintendo for special discounts on different Nintendo games across all platforms. These points can also be used for purchasing Miitomo customization features. You can watch Miitomo‘s first TV commercial that was released in Japan below.

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