Titan Quest: A Walk Into A World Of Mythology – Coming May 19th

Nothing can be quite exciting like a game built on a world of mythology. With vengeful titans and silent gods, the world of men faces annihilation lest a hero makes a stand. This is the theme that Titan Quest, the Diablo-like Action RPG, is built on. We wrote about it before 10 months and confirmed that this 2006 PC game will be ported to IOS. Now, we have a precise release date that will make you feel excited. Although developed by Iron Lore Entertainment, the hack & slash game will be ported by DotEmu and we can expect it to be available for iOS on May 19th. It is believed that it will be coming to Android later on.

When Titan Quest was first released on PC, it introduced an epic single-player and a competitive multiplayer that had millions addicted. The mobile version will initially not support multiplayer mode but it may be added in a future update. Titan Quest will grant you the unfortunate honor to face ancient creatures like centaurs and titans based on Egyptian and Greek mythologies. Monsters from Xena: The Warrior Princess are expected to make an appearance in the game as well.

The developers have done a great job to make it mobile friendly and the user interface is one of the best we have seen on an Action RPG. The game is expected to be a premium title but we will keep you updated on the exact price. Stay tuned with our website for more information on this upcoming title. Make sure to check the first Dev Diary video for this game below.

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