Capcom Mobile – Mega Man & Monster Hunter Games To Be Developed

In a not so surprising business development, Capcom announced the establishment of a new Mobile Business Division that aims to produce hit titles like Mega Man & Monster Hunter games. This is a very big investment by Capcom into the international mobile platform and this makes sense considering that big gaming companies are seriously focusing on mobile, and Capcom doesn’t want to miss the opportunity.

The announcement was made shortly after Nintendo’s Miitomo was launched worldwide, and this demonstrates how big companies like Capcom have come to see the great potential lying within the mobile industry. We are even seeing companies like Bethesda, Blizzard, and many other big brands focusing on mobile gaming, a growing market that is expected to reach $37.4 billion in 2019.

With the integration of Capcom & Beeline Interactive, Beeline will be renamed into Capcom Mobile. The Beeline brand is no stranger to the mobile platform; and in fact, they developed the famous Capcom title, Smurf’s Village. So far, we know that at least 4 mobile games will be released by Capcom within the next 12 months. Are you excited to see Capcom games come to mobile? Stay tuned with our website to be updated on the latest mobile gaming news.

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