World of Tanks Blitz – Update 2.8 Brings New Soviet Tank Destroyers

That’s right. With the new update (2.8), World of Tanks Blitz [Free] has become a far more challenging experience than before. The latest content includes Soviet tank destroyers, equipment changes, and improved maps. It seems that Wargaming has been listening to the players’ feedback very carefully. Let’s start with the Soviet tank destroyers. The vehicles added are the SU-100М1 (Tier VII), SU-101 (Tier VIII), SU-122-54 (Tier IX), and Object 263 (Tier X).

Furthermore, a big change has hit consumables and now you have additional slots for Provisions. They include Chocolate Bar, White Rice, Standard Fuel, and others that are automatically activated in battles. Along the changes, now every nation has 2 types of food Provisions and are differentiated by the extent of their crew mastery’s influence. Standard Fuel, Improved Fuel, and Protective Kit are now among the Passive Provisions; while all types of consumables now include cooldown.

Finally, there are several maps that have been improved, especially Winter Malinovka map. The mountain has been removed, the place replaced with a ship, and the landscape has changed. Other maps that have been improved are: Black Goldville, Copperfield, Fort Despair, Himmelsdorf, Middleburg, and Mirage. Click here to see the full Patch Notes for update 2.8. This definitely seems like an exciting update and you can watch the review for update 2.8 below.

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