Clash Royale – Upcoming Update Will Include A Spectator Mode!

Clash Royale [Free] is definitely an eSports material but surely needs some modifications to make it so. Supercell is heading towards this path and has announced that with the next update, it will get a live friendly match viewing (spectator mode). With spectator mode, tournaments can become a possibility since the moderator can watch two friends play against each other and livestream the battle. We absolutely welcome this new feature and have been waiting for it for quite a while now.

Supercell acknowledges the difference in levels can impact a player’s advantage over another and want to level the playing field. Here’s what they plan to do in their own words:

‘To achieve this, we plan to emphasize the importance of our “Tournament Rules” in the future, which we consider to be the basis for competitive Clash Royale play. This will ensure that skill, timing and placement will always be the deciding factors in competitive matches. Our philosophy on tournaments is that anyone who plays Clash Royale should be able to participate, and potentially win if they’ve got the chops. The best of the best will be determined by the quality of the player, not the level of their cards!

This means that in a future update, there will be Tournament Rules gameplay that will make a battle between two fair and will depend on the players’ skills rather than on the level of the cards. Clearly, Supercell wants to show us that while you can spend money on this game, it will not be a pay-2-win game and are working on making it skill-based. As for the spectator mode, we can expect it to be incorporated in the next update for Clash Royale.

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