DomiNations – A Global Age Comes With The Latest Update

In DomiNations [Free], you start by building a humble village and then expanding into a powerful empire. While we have seen similar games in the past, this one does the best job at living up to its strategy genre. Cooperative and competitive battles against players worldwide are included, which adds more realism to the experience. DomiNations has been recently updated and has now introduced the Global Age (10th historical era) to the game. The Global Age focuses on World War II and centers events around the battles during this period.

Furthermore, this means that there are new upgrades for all existing units types, along with 3 new units: Bazookas, Mortars, and Transports. Also, new building upgrades have been made available as well. Now you can get the new Air Superiority Blessing in order to dominate the sky. Moreover, Generals now have 10 extra levels while Library upgrades have 4 new Techs: Command, Heritage, Resistance, & Warfare. Finally, closing out of a Multiplayer battle or World War now saves your progress and resources. You can watch the Global Age trailer for this game below.

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