Pokemon GO – Sign Up For Field Testing In Australia & New Zealand

After Pokemon GO had its fair share of field testing in Japan, now other countries will get the opportunity to field test the game. The Pokemon Company & Niantic are inviting users from Australia & New Zealand to sign up if interested in field testing Pokemon GO. You won’t be guaranteed a place just by signing up but who wouldn’t want to try and have the opportunity to be selected, right? Click here to visit the page if you are interested in signing up, you won’t be able to access it if you are not in Australia or New Zealand.

In the field test, you will have the early version of the game which will include the 1st generation of Pokemon only. In future updates, more generations will be added to Pokemon GO. There has been a lot of information leaked during the Japan field test and users were banned for it. So it is best to avoid leaking anything that goes against the terms and conditions of The Pokemon Company & Niantic.

However, we have learned a lot of information on Pokemon GO since the Japan field test which you can read about by clicking here. We have written a massive collection of articles about Pokemon GO which you can also check out by searching the game on our website. We are happy to see that field testing is expanding to other countries, which shows that the game is near completion. You can learn more about what the Data-Mine from Pokemon GO Beta reveals from the video below.

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