Scéal – A Supernatural Adventure Based On Irish Folklore

Not all games have to be action-based to be attractive. In fact, some of the best games we have seen were far from that. For example, one game that we really are looking forward to is called Scéal (pronounced Shkeal). Scéal is a supernatural adventure game based on Irish folklore that’s being developed by Joint Custody. Even the haunting yet beautiful soundtrack of the game is inspired by Irish folk music. With its unique watercolor world, it will stand out as one of the most visually captivating titles of 2016.

The story of Scéal is extremely thrilling. You are a spirit of a girl that has once died and you’re destined to wander the Earth until the truth is revealed. Your journey begins in a cursed town where the inhabitants relive the exact same day all over again. Does this remind you of Groundhog Day? Moreover, the girl’s spirit does not remember anything about her past life but she must remember in order to move on to the afterlife.

This game is developed to appear as a massive world of a painting that morphs and reacts as you interact with it. You will explore this world to learn about your previous life so that you can share it with the Raven of the Dead. This mysterious entity will be the guardian to your afterlife’s door. Scéal will be coming to PC, Mac, iOS, & Android in the upcoming few months. It seems that it will be released as a premium game rather than a freemium. Finally, you can check the trailer for this game below.

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