Final Fantasy IX – Update 1.1.3 Resolves Several Bugs

Have you been enjoying Final Fantasy IX [$20.99] so far? We certainly have. Last week, Square Enix released an update that has resolved several bugs in the game and this shows how devoted Square Enix is when it comes to the function and reputation of their Final Fantasy franchise. The changes were made very specific by the company on their App Store description, and to be quite accurate on the changes, we will list them below exactly as they have.

– We have corrected the amount of Magic Stones that transfer from Marcus to Eiko when she joins the party.
(The amount of Magic Stones in games where Eiko has already joined the party will also be corrected based on level. However, the amount of Magic Stones that transfer from Marcus in future may vary. New games and games where Eiko was added to the party only after the update should function normally. Thank you for your patience.)
– We have fixed the bug where disembarking from a Chocobo or airship can cause Zidane to disappear and players to be unable to progress in the game. Please update affected games to the newest version to fix the bug.
– Other minor bugs fixed.

Finally, we see that they have touched on major elements in the game that should have been corrected since the game launched. But hey, we aren’t complaining now that it’s fixed. No game is released perfect and that’s understandable so we won’t be very critical on this issue. We are looking forward to see more Final Fantasy games come to the mobile platform, and if you are interested then stay tuned with our website to be informed on the latest news.

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