Super Senso – A Strategy Game Designed To Last For Decades

From an independent development studio that was founded in 2013 comes a refreshing vision for an innovative mobile platform. The founder of Turbo Studios, Yohei Ishii, believes in the notion that mobile games should last for decades rather than years and that’s the basis behind the formation of Turbo Studios. Interestingly, they have a turn-based action strategy game coming soon by the name of Super Senso [Free]. This competitive game is currently soft launched in New Zealand.

Very recently, It has been announced that Super Senso will be published by Puzzle & Dragons Publisher, GungHo. Turbo Studios had Designer Yoshitaka Amano & Composer Nobuo Uematsu on the Super Senso development team. These talented individuals are well known for working on the much appraised Final Fantasy franchise. Others on the team come from Blizzard, Nintendo, and many other high-profile companies.

Built as a real-time turn-based competitive title, Super Senso will allow you to build your army of hungry zombies, stealthy ninjas, mysterious UFOs, powerful tanks, and massive dinosaurs. You can collect and level up your Senso Mechs to either play against online players or against the game’s AIs. The world of Super Senso is a gorgeous battlefield made for the hardcore amongst you and powered by 3D maps & HD characters.

Considering its strategic nature, you will learn the diverse tactics of war and detect the strengths and weaknesses of each unit. Battles may take an average of 5 minutes or less, but rarely there will be extreme matches that can take longer. Even though the game is going to be released as a free-to-play title, in-app purchases will not give the player advantage during battles, which shows the commitment the company has towards competitive gaming. We definitely believe Super Senso to be a unique game and look forward to see it launch worldwide very soon. You can watch the gameplay trailer for this title below.

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