Clash Royale – Rewards & Donations Will Improve In Upcoming Update

Remember when we last discussed the great changes coming to Clash Royale? Well, this discussion is not over yet. Supercell has decided to double Crown Chest Rewards in order to increase players’ motivation to play on a daily basis. That is, of course, great news since daily grinding doesn’t get you much at the moment. Supercell has explained that this new change is related to their Tournament Rules that will be incorporated into Clash Royale in the upcoming update.

The Tournament Rules are designed to level the playing field between players so that skill is the sole factor that decides who wins in a battle. Supercell explains in details on why these new Tournament Rules are coming to the game which you can read about further by clicking here. It seems that Supercell wants players to unlock cards, get rewards, and progress more quickly in order to match the Tournament Rules at a faster pace because they will increase the level caps for this new feature next month.

So now when you open Crown Chests you can expect better rewards while card donations will be improved as well. This will allow players to request 30 Common Cards or 3 Rare Cards at the same time every 8 hours. In terms of donating, you can donate 6 Common Cards or 1 Rare Card. Isn’t that awesome? All these changes will be coming to Clash Royale in the next update (probably around early May), so get excited!

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