Minecraft: Pocket Edition – Horses & A New Mob To Be Introduced

Since our last article on Minecraft, we were very positive about the future of Minecraft: Pocket Edition [$6.99]. In the article we discussed how the Mojang Team confirmed that commands, mods, and resource packs are to be expected in future updates. Right now, we are very excited for the upcoming update (0.15) which promises that a new mob will come to Pocket Edition & PC.

The image of the new mob has surfaced and it seems like a skeleton ghost wearing an armor and carrying a bow. Not much information has been revealed about this new mob and all we can do is speculate, but it certainly looks like this ranged mob will be very dangerous. In addition, horses will be making an entrance in a future update and we will keep you updated on which update that will be.

Finally, we feel confident regarding Minecraft: Pocket Edition‘s future, especially that it seems to be getting closer and closer to its PC counterpart. With horses, you can travel at a faster pace in massive worlds and it also makes you look cool. Who wouldn’t want to be rocking a horse like Clint Eastwood does? As for the new mob, we can’t wait to hunt them down or will they hunt us down? These are questions that will be answered soon enough. Stay tuned with our website for more information on Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

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