Minecraft: Pocket Edition – Minecraft Realms Coming (Test Alpha Version)

Great news today. Mojang announced that Minecraft Realms will be coming to Minecraft: Pocket Edition & Windows 10 editions very soon. As for mobile, the alpha version can be downloaded for Android by clicking here. Minecraft Realms allows you to play with your friends easily where worlds are always online and can be accessible by any approved group of people. Minecraft Realms will support cross-platform between iOS, Android, Windows Phone, & Windows 10 via Xbox Live logins, which you can create easily and for free.

Mojang is working on this operation along with Microsoft which is great to hear because these two giant brands can achieve a lot more for Minecraft: Pocket Edition in the future. We don’t know if the mobile version will be similar to its PC counterpart, but if that is the case, then you can expect 10 players to play in a Realm at the same time while 200 players can get access to it. This is really exciting to hear and we will keep you updated on Minecraft: Pocket Edition as more news come out.

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