Taichi Panda: Heroes – Soft Launched

If you had the opportunity to play Taichi Panda [Free] when it was first released, then their new game Taichi Panda: Heroes [Free] should be a game that you will probably want to play. This new title doesn’t bring a lot of new elements in comparison to its predecessor, but it does add 19 different playable characters and the option to switch in between them whenever you like. Of course, having that much characters can make the game extremely replayable with a different experience each time.

We very much welcome the new multi-character system and hope to see such a system on other mobile games. Taichi Panda: Heroes offers a unique adventure with its online open world RPG experience. It takes you back during a time that preceded the original Taichi Panda and offers a world that has more excitement that’s rendered in PC quality graphics. It would be extremely fun to join with your friends or Guilds and go Taichi Panda on your enemies.

Finally, Taichi Panda: Heroes is now soft launched in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, & United Kingdom. If you have an Apple ID in any of these countries then you can grab the game and enjoy its adventure. To get a better idea of what this new title offers, then check the closed beta trailer for Taichi Panda: Heroes below.

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