Toby: The Secret Mine – Out Now

Toby: The Secret Mine [$9.99] definitely comes with a high price for such an unusual game. It is a challenging puzzle platformer that can be best compared to Limbo. However, unlike Limbo, you get a more colorful world with a more living environment active in the background. We really love the gorgeous graphics implemented on this type of game, and dare we say it looks better than Limbo.

The story surrounding Toby: The Secret Mine revolves around kidnapped residents, mysterious forces, and a peaceful life gone mental. Several heroes took it upon themselves to rescue the kidnapped but none has ever returned. That’s when Little Toby has decided to do everything in his power to find the poor residents and rescue them. You will accompany Toby on a dark and creepy adventure that will put your agility and attention to the test. Like Limbo, you will experience unpredictable traps and fatal challenges.

Finally, we believe that MacPlay Digital has done an amazing job on this interesting game. It features controller support and brings breathtaking handcrafted environments that look stunning for such an eerie experience. The game is available on Steam for the same price if you are interested to play it on PC. We believe the price has been set too high for the mobile version but if you are willing to pay for it, then we can assure you that the investment will be worth it. You can check the trailer for Toby: The Secret Mine below.

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