Clash Royale – Watch The First Official Tournament This April 16th!

Having made $110 million dollars already, Clash Royale [Free] is certainly rising as one of the most profitable games in mobile gaming history. Supercell is surely proud of this addicting MOBA-like hit game. By the end of 2016, it would’ve made at least a billion from the way things look. Considering its great success, Supercell will be holding the first official Clash Royale tournament this Saturday (April 16th) in Helsinki, Finland.

There will be at least 200 people from around the globe but mostly & understandably, the majority are from Finland. This tournament is not meant to be big & is only an experiment for Supercell to learn from. The wonderful news is that it will be livestreamed at 1:00 PM EDT this Saturday and the quarterfinals, semifinals, & finals can be watched live. Supercell warned that there might be technical issues with the livestream since they are trying to figure out the best way to livestream such an event. Thanks to Supercell, you can watch the tournament live through the stream below. If the stream is broken then click here to head to Clash Royale’s Twitch channel.

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