Stasis: An Unnerving Isometric Sci-Fi Horror – Coming Soon

Stasis is an incredible sci-fi horror game that was developed by The Brotherhood and was successfully Kickstarted in 2013. With over 4000 backers contributing $132,523, it was released on Steam in 2015. Initially, the idea of it coming to mobile was no more than a wish. But just recently, the developers confirmed that development of the iOS port is progressing well. While a release date has not been announced, we are dying to play this game on mobile.

Stasis is most certainly not your average horror game. This isometric horror adventure is inspired by movies like Alien, Event Horizon, and Sunshine. After we have tested the game on PC, we can definitely see how perfectly it will be ported to mobile, especially due to the ergonomic design of the user interface. Additionally, the high quality graphics and gorgeous environments aid in delivering a truly, captivating horror ingredient to its genius formula. Be prepared for riveting cut scenes that will create a dark atmosphere for you to experience.

The game takes place in a distant & dystopian future where the protagonist, John Maracheck, awakes from stasis on an abandoned spacecraft called the Groomlake. John discovers that his family is missing and his only hope in finding them is by exploring the ship. To his horror, he finds blood-stained rooms and evil creatures lurking in the shadows. You must help him unravel the fate of the Groomlake and bring back his family before the spacecraft plunges into the clouds of Neptune.

The Groomlake is operated by Cayne Corporation, a trillion dollar, multinational company. It has been known for its human technological and medical advancements. It seems that the Groomlake is another platform for experiments that have gone wrong. Mysterious puzzles will come before you to solve in order to understand the magnitude of what happened. The truth is not easy to unveil.

Interestingly, Stasis allows you to commit suicide in the game by using a shard of glass, a neurodrill, and other methods to brutally end your life. It appears that the developers assumed that the players will not be able to swallow the pill of horror they have prepared for them, so they provided a suicide pill instead. Of course, many of you would be thinking of Dead Space by now considering that it’s a horror game in space. It is a good comparison in a way because we have very few games similar to Dead Space and we would love to see more come to mobile.

We were very compelled by the quality of Stasis mostly due to its voice actors. There is true talent behind the voice actors and they really build a lot of depth to each character that you will meet. Furthermore, music plays a large role in the atmospheric terror that Stasis delivers. With Mark Morgan (Fallout, Wasteland 2) and Daniel Sadowski (Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Warhammer) being the minds behind the music, you will experience true fear on a cinematic level.

Finally, we are very excited to see a console quality horror game of this standard being developed for mobile devices. The price of this title on Steam is $24.99 while the Deluxe Edition is priced at $39.99. However, the mobile port will be priced at a much lower price than the PC version. Stay tuned with our website for more information on this game. You can watch the trailer for Stasis below.

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