Clash of Clans – Hackers Are Being Banned On A Global Scale

Yesterday, Supercell announced that they are stepping up their stance against hackers & ensuring fair play in their games. This means that players using ”prohibited” 3rd party applications will face punitive actions. This can include permanent ban! So if you have programs such as bots or mods on your devices, we strongly advice that you remove them. The company sent a warning message about their policy via game inbox on Clash Royale & other Supercell titles.

Apparently, today thousands of players were complaining about being banned, mostly for using Xmod, which can help players cheat in games like Clash of Clans. Some people received a notification on their game screen notifying them that they have been banned for 180 days. Supercell warns that repeated offenses will result in a permanent ban. These are serious actions by Supercell and players are advised to heed their warning so that they can be in the safe zone. Stay tuned for the latest news on Supercell games.

6 thoughts on “Clash of Clans – Hackers Are Being Banned On A Global Scale

  1. I have x mod for clash of clans when I used to play but I haven’t even used x mod for 3 months lol but no only got a 2 week ban so it’s fine I guess


  2. I use mod app so supercell banned me for 2 weeks I removed this mod app and supercell not give me any warning for that so plss remove thos ban I will never use this mod app again plss remove my ban


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