Samurai Rising – Square Enix’s Project Rising Revealed

Remember the mysterious game, dubbed as Project Rising, that Square Enix is working on? The company has finally unveiled the curtains off and now we can tell you more about it. The upcoming game is called Samurai Rising and it will be a freemium social-based RPG title that is being developed. Square Enix revealed another trailer about this new game. Fortunately, it actually gives you an idea about the game which is much better than the last trailer that was extremely vague.

In a previous article we mentioned that we expect the game to be similar to Final Fantasy and it definitely is. For example, in the trailer you will see elements from Final Fantasy such as a Marlboro creature. It should be interesting to learn what more elements from the famous franchise will be available in this new game. Samurai Rising will feature a four player cooperative mode with different classes to choose from.

Finally, you can pre-register for the game by connecting via your social media in order to be rewarded in-game bonuses when the game is launched. You can be redirected to the pre-registration page by clicking here. Samurai Rising is likely to be released in Japan first and then launch worldwide. Stay tuned with our website for the latest information on Samurai Rising. You can watch the trailer for this game below.

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