INKS: When Paint & Pinball Meet – Coming May 5th

Not every good game has to be utterly complex. In fact, the game we want to tell you about is very simple yet deserves the attention. INKS is a game being developed by State of Play, the makers of Lume & Lumino City. The game was previously called INK but was changed to INKS to avoid confusion with a game developed by Zack Bell which is also called INK. Names don’t define a game, content does; so what’s special about INKS?

The game combines painting and pinball in one gorgeous game where you get to smash the ball on a pinball-styled board and create a beautiful work of art in the process. There are tabs with different colors across the board and when the ball hits a tab with a specific color, you get a splash of that color over the board. This is definitely a fun experience to engage in and look at. It’s definitely unique in its concept and we love the artistic elements that it delivers.

You can expect to get the game from the App Store on May 5th. State of Play has done a wonderful job with INKS and the idea of combining art and fun in one simple game is absolutely brilliant. The company is a BAFTA Award Winning Studio and we can see why they deserved this prestigious award. To see how different this game is, check the official trailer for INKS below.

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