Modern Combat 5: Blackout – Update 1.8 Will Bring Custom Matches!

Not long ago, we speculated that the time will come when custom matches are introduced to Modern Combat 5: Blackout [Free], but that it will be after Gameloft has played all of its cards and at a time when players are slowly losing interest in the FPS game. Modern Combat 5: Blackout is a fascinating game and is, undoubtedly, one of the best shooting games ever made. But a big part of its community has lost interest due to the freemium-based updates and the lack of custom matches. Many have found interest in other FPS games that do offer the things that they have been looking for in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Just an hour ago, Gameloft released a Dev Diary video confirming that custom matches will see the light in their next update. So we understand why custom matches are being introduced into the game, and we can guarantee that many of those players that lost interest in the game will come back to play it again. It is a strategic way of keeping the game alive and running as long as possible. We, of course, very much welcome this new feature because we want to see players get what they want.

Gameloft promises that update 1.8 will be huge. Other than the custom lobby, there will be 2 new armors, the Japanese Warrior Set & the Advanced Bounty Hunter Set. Furthermore, there will be a new Multiplayer Map called Conversion, a research facility that was previously a warehouse. The new map has battle areas that can be good for snipers and knife-stabbers, so you need to choose your battleground intelligently. Finally, there will be a new league system that will match you with players that are equal to you in stats. Stay tuned with our website for more information on this update. You can check the Dev Diary for update 1.8 below.

3 thoughts on “Modern Combat 5: Blackout – Update 1.8 Will Bring Custom Matches!

  1. I’ve literally played dozens of games, bought countless elite chests etc and still have crappy armor and weapons that I can not upgrade, This game has lost it’s appeal and as for the re spawn time and the totally useless radar that allows players to creep up individually ugh. This game is not about skill, it’s about who’s willing to put the most money in to purchase upgrades.


    • That’s true, it is a pay-2-win game unfortunately. We mention in our articles that this is the case but we cover the news about it because there are millions who still play it. Thank you for your beneficial comment.


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