Order & Chaos 2: Redemption – Mounts Have Come To Haradon

You have all been waiting for this. Mounts have finally arrived to Order & Chaos 2: Redemption [Free] with update 1.3. Seriously, what’s a hero without his mount? Can you imagine a knight charging at a dragon on foot? He would look more like a joke than a hero. So what can you do with mounts now that they are here? You can collect them and ride them to get to your destination at a faster pace. Also, you can boost your attributes with them as well as level them up & upgrade them to increase their strength. Did we mention that you can even evolve your companions to become mounts? Sounds very exciting.

But there is more to this update than you think. In fact, a new classic dungeon, Simulation Salvation, has been added where you can team up and battle against the Legion of Decay and the Shadow Keeper. In this dungeon you get the chance to acquire a whole new epic gear. Furthermore, you can join in the new festivities brought to Haradon by participating in The Egg Hunt and other world events to be a part of and get rewards from.

Speaking of events, there is the Relic Hunter Event where you can search for ancient treasures across the world. You can use an Arcane Excavator to uncover valuable artifacts. Don’t forget to join the hunt with the help of secret treasure maps. Finally, Gameloft has allowed players to move their characters to different servers now. You can also carry your progress over to multiple devices. In terms of improvements, the Crafting User Interface has been redesigned and various bugs were smashed. You can watch the update trailer for this game below.

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