Plague Inc – Upcoming Update Will Bring Custom Scenarios

Surely, you are familiar with the popular disease simulator, Plague Inc [$0.99]. It has been out since May 2012 and is still growing in popularity. Ndemic Creations has announced that a new update is coming  in the next few weeks to iOS & Android. There is a reason as to why this update is special; they will add Custom Scenarios & Random Name Generator!

Custom Scenarios have been available to PC players of the game and it allows you to play community created scenarios which actual players create. This means you don’t need to wait for an official update from Ndemic all the time, but enjoy the scenarios that players like you create. Some scenarios are actually interesting, such as The Thing or Last Judgement. Plague Inc players definitely have a wild yet brilliant imagination when it comes to scenarios.

Furthermore, there is a new Random Name Generator that will be added to the game, just in case you can’t figure out a cool name for your disease. The Custom Scenarios will be available to you only if you have purchased the official Scenarios Expansion pack (Plague Pack). This will grant you the ability to download two of any new custom scenarios per day. You can watch the cinematic trailer for Plague Inc below.

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