The Forgotten Room: A Creepy Point & Click Adventure – Coming Soon

We have seen some of the creepiest games come to the mobile platform. They are fascinating and we cannot get enough of them. Due to our interest in such titles, we are keeping a close eye on an upcoming game called The Forgotten Room. Being developed by Glitch Games, this point and click adventure seems to have a lot of potential, especially after we have seen the trailer. The developers don’t describe the game as a horror game but as an adventure game, although you will be mistaken if you assume it doesn’t have a creepy element in it.

From its design to its sound effects, the emotions that The Forgotten Room builds in you is no different than what a horror game achieves. You are in a dark environment with a flashlight to light your way through an eerie atmosphere. But there is this feeling that something is waiting you behind each closed door and that’s a job well done by the developers. The game will be released soon although no official date announced. You can watch the teaser trailer for The Forgotten Room below.

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