The Wild – The Survival Game Has Not Been Abandoned

Once upon a time, The Wild was the most anticipated survival game on the mobile platform. We actually tested the game during its early development phase and we loved what we saw. At that time, there were no popular survival games that competed with The Wild. Then Radiation Island, a visually breathtaking survival game, came out of nowhere and it was followed by a long period of silence from The Wild‘s developers. Admittedly, Radiation Island had unchallenged gorgeous graphics and this probably affected The Wild‘s production. It simply accomplished more than what The Wild had promised to deliver.

Toonuva Games didn’t want to just release The Wild and hope that sales would be phenomenal; they wanted to release a quality game that does not have a competition in its way. The Wild puts you in the wildnerness to explore and survive through beautiful landscapes. It even had a day and night cycle which pushed the experience to the limit.

Two weeks ago, Danny from Toonuva Games posted a Facebook comment assuring fans that ”the project is NOT dead.” According to him, now that there are more powerful devices, The Wild can achieve more than what they originally planned for it. He also adds that The Wild will no longer be a first person game but a third person game featuring ”more surreal art philosophy.” We definitely like where this is going and look forward to see what survival experience they can create with The Wild. You can watch The Wild‘s live action teaser trailer below.

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