Final Fantasy XI Reboot – A First Look At The Mobile MMORPG

Not long ago, we wrote an article about the mobile port of Final Fantasy XI which will be coming to the mobile platform. There were a few of our readers that wanted to know more about the game and others complained that Square Enix has been too silent about this game. Today, we confirm that the game is still alive and will be released to the mobile platform. It is now being dubbed as Final Fantasy XI Reboot. In partnership with Square Enix, Nexon has revealed images of the mobile port for the first time which were posted at Game Insight, a Korean gaming website.

Final Fantasy XI Reboot is being developed by Nexon for mobile with the power of the Unreal Engine 4, so the graphics should look wonderful. There have been several images posted that do show the mobile port of the game which you can see on this post. We know for a fact that it will be an MMORPG and is based on the Final Fantasy XI that was originally released in 2002.

The mobile version of the game will have a better battle system that is much smoother and re-designed for the mobile touchscreen. Since the game is online, it will have a better cooperative system which easily brings players together on a mobile device. You will have a vast world for you to explore and meet other players. Whether you wish to trade, talk, or join forces with your friends; the options are endless.

Final Fantasy XI Reboot is set in the world of Vana’diel, a huge world with diverse climates. According to ancient lore, the world of Vana’diel was created as a playground for divine beings. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on the Final Fantasy franchise. You can watch the Final Fantasy XI promotional trailer below.

7 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XI Reboot – A First Look At The Mobile MMORPG

  1. Will previous players that left the game due to money restraint or other mmo’s be able to use there character on the mobile version or do they have to start from the beginning?


    • It is hard to tell at this moment, but it is unlikely to continue your progress on mobile if you started on a different platform. However, there are games that allow a cross-platform experience, so it is not impossible to implement. Once we learn more we will inform you. Thank you for your comment.


      • look at the top middle area 999/999 with a 2 minute timer. It is a Stamina meter. it is Nexon we are talking about, King of Micro Transactions. also the character is a thief in white mage clothing, incoming cash shop glamour.


  2. Does this mean if we are currently playing now that we would be able to continue to play on the mobile version and keep our toon?


  3. I loved this game for ps2 and would pay monthly agains or the phone, only at 9.99 this time. But if there is any stupid mobile money schemes this will be utter trash and I will have lost faith in the once great game makers that were square enix.


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