Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Guilds Are Finally Here

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes [Free] has been one of the most loved Star Wars game to come to mobile. Since its brought to you be EA & Lucasfilm, it lives up to the hype of the franchise. The interesting thing about this title is that it unites a vast number of characters across the Star Wars universe. This is brilliant, but things are about to get better! In its most recent update, the game has received Guilds!

You can now join or create your own customizable Guild and be rewarded according to your individual and Guild ranking. With the new Guild system, you can now band with friends to take out giant bosses through Guild Raids. Do you dare enter The Pit now? There is also a Guild Chat which you can use to connect with your friends and devise strategies. And with the new Guild Shipments, you can purchase high-rarity items and Shards.

Finally, Player Profile is now available for you and other online players and your name can be changed as of now. We saved the best news for last! Since new characters have been added with this update, do you want to guess which character is now available? Fine, we will tell you. Han Solo has come to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and he happens to be extremely fast when it comes to who shoots first. You can watch the official trailer for this game below.

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