Disney Magical Dice: Disney’s First Mobile Board Game – Out Now

Disney titles are always exciting. They tend to bring cheerful childhood memories along with a new gaming experience. In fact, not long ago, Disney released Disney Magic Kingdom, a wonderful city-builder based game that you will enjoy but they aren’t stopping there. Recently, they have released a new board game called Disney Magical Dice [Free]; which is at best a Disney version of Monopoly if we are honest.

Disney Magical Dice definitely makes the board gaming experience alluring to players that are not fans of the genre. Look at it this way. How can a board game not be entertaining when you have a whole collection of Disney characters? With wonderful Disney characters available for you, you will be able to travel across the board building structures and famous Disney landmarks. Although there will be a practice mode in the game, there are two real-time multiplayer modes, Free For All & Two-On-Two Team Mode.

You get to choose from 3 different classes: Rookie, Minor, & Major. Cards can be collected as you play and even improved through power-ups and fusion. There are multiplayer games which allow up to 4 players to join together via Bluetooth or internet. Global competition is also available through rankings where you can earn rewards. You can watch the official trailer for Disney Magical Dice below.

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